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Let’s Declare May “Calgary Musical Theatre Month”!

I had every intention of  posting my April interview or another 2012-2013 season launch tonight, but with one thing and another, I have decided to get some sleep instead (one of many things to migrate lower on the priority list since taking on this Calgary Musicals blog and the associated Calgary Musicals Meetup group).

Nevertheless, I can’t let May Day pass by without noting how many musicals are playing in and around Calgary this month  – 13 by my count,  and I’m probably still missing some high school and other amateur productions! Anyone who thinks this isn’t a musical theatre town, might want to think again. Check out the 2012 Schedule page – if you can’t find something worth seeing, then you’re just not trying.

I will be taking in 8 (!) shows myself, starting with Jubilations’ Jump for Glee! and Cappuccino Musical Theatre’s Frankenstein this week and ending with Storybook Theatre’s Avenue Q and Front Row Centre’s Gypsy (with Theatre Calgary’s Cats* (couldn’t make it early in the run, which is why you haven’t seen my review yet), Vertigo Theatre’s Sweeney Todd, Youth Singers of Calgary’s Museo, and Central Memorial High School’s Beauty and the Beast in between). I already saw Stage West’s Summer In The CityStorybook’s Little Women and Dewdney Players’ Rodeo and Julie-Ed, which are still playing, and plan to see Oh Canada, Eh? in Canmore and Anne of Green Gables in Rosebud once this wave is over, since they play all summer.

This will certainly be a record for me, and maybe for just about anyone except for some of our more enthusiastic volunteer ushers/ticket-takers (one of whom I will be interviewing in a future article). I’m not sick of musicals yet, but I am kind of looking forward to June (resisting the urge to break into the score from Carousel)… I realize this time of year works well for rehearsal schedules, but if only some of these theatre companies could move their musicals to the dry months of February and March, they’d have way less competition and it would help us musical theatre aficionados get through the dark days of Winter, not to mention the merry, merry musically packed month of May.

So what musical(s) are you going to see in May and why?


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