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Review: Avenue Q – It Sucks to Be Anybody but Storybook

I saw the preview on Thursday night and I’ve got a fully booked weekend and no time for my usual long-winded review, but even if I did, I don’t think I can do better than to capture Storybook’s captivating performance of this “zany, adult-themed spoof on Sesame Street” in just one word:


(or if you prefer, OMG!)

Everything you need to know is in the poster above, except that the run is already over 80% sold and has been extended to June 10th. If you’re not turned off by the disclaimer on the Storybook website, and the thought of puppets having sex on stage, buy your tickets soon and just go, even if you’re not normally a big fan of musical theatre.  It may not be like your life, but it’s definitely funnier than anything else you might have seen or still plan to see this season, and who knows, you just might learn something.

Cast: Philip Frias (recently seen in Assassins), Bart Kwiatokowski, Naomi Ngebulana, Jacqueline Strilchuk, Madeleine Suddaby (recently seen in Guys and Dolls), JP Thibodeau (recently directed Storybook’s Pinkalicious), and Annie Zhang

Produced and Directed by George Smith

Musical Direction by Patrice Barnes

Puppetry Direction by Wendy Passmore-Godfrey

With Wilma and the Electric Company Band

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15 thoughts on “Review: Avenue Q – It Sucks to Be Anybody but Storybook

  1. I was part of a group attending Saturday afternoon’s performance, and I was floored. My wife and I saw Avenue Q with its second NYC cast, and only the puppet work here, though more than serviceable, was noticeably weaker than the very high bar set there. In particular, I was amazed by the acting and singing of Madeleine Suddaby, playing Kate and Lucy. Her performance of “There’s a Fine, Fine Line” at the end of the first act was heartbreakingly emotive. She’s got an exciting future ahead, I think.

    I don’t recall the original musical being arranged for so few instruments, but the “pit orchestra” here more than held their own.

    It was well worth the trip south from Edmonton.

  2. Lynn Marie Calder on said:

    Only 1 seat left as of this writing…what’d I tell you?

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