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Morpheus Floats Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Gondoliers in 2013

Here’s a 2012-2013 launch I missed earlier – Morpheus Theatre’s annual Gilbert and Sullivan operetta. Their choice for next spring is The Gondoliers or The King of Barataria.  This was G&S’s last successful operetta.  According to wiki, “it premiered at the Savoy Theatre on 7 December 1889 and ran for a very successful 554 performances (at that time the fifth longest-running piece of musical theatre in history)”. Check out the wiki link for more on the show and the fascinating story of the conflict between the two creators that resulted in its creation which started when librettist  Gilbert told his partner he was fed up with having his brilliant lyrics subverted by Arthur Sullivan’s (boring) melodies – my words, not his.  As those of you who read my post on my little list of shows that will not be missed will know, “I’m with you there, W.S.” 

Kudos to Morpheus for trying something a little more out there. I’m curious enough to want to check it out. I just featured Yeomen of the Guard at my June Strictly Show Tunes Sing-Along at the Auburn, at the request of some of the G&S fans, and it was quite fun. Who knows, maybe you folks will make a convert of me yet.

Morpheus Theatre’s The Gondoliers runs March 19-23, 2013.

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One thought on “Morpheus Floats Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Gondoliers in 2013

  1. David Tetreau on said:

    I went last night to this travesty to the senses. Between many of the casts inability to project to the back rows and the questionable choice in costume design, I am shocked that they would ask us for to actually pay to see this… maybe a donation to the food back would have been more appropriate.

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