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2 Reviews: Sex at the Fringe (How To Not Get Laid and Power/Play)

Well,  what would the Calgary Fringe Festival be without a couple of shows about sex? Did we tell you there are no censors? As long as it’s legal, it’s fair game. Laurie Strashok is back with more guest reviews of a couple of the Fringe’s shows for mature audiences, with only a wee bit of editing and additional commentary from me – only because I can’t help myself :). If you hurry, you could still make it to one of these plays tonight: Power/Play is on at 9:30PM and How To Not Get Laid is on at 10PM! LMC

How To Not Get Laid (Artpoint Gallery)

How To Not Get Laid is classified as a comedy/drama/storytelling play and produced by Calgary’s Big Th-eer-sis. It is an original play by Matt D. The director, Juan Delgado, describes it as one that explores universal issues of loneliness, self-image, and regret. If you have had the fortune or maybe misfortune of having certain relationship mishaps (and who hasn’t?) you will certainly relate to this show. It is a comical look at how both men and women miss opportunities to pursue people of the opposite sex. There are certain rules to follow if you want to miss out on a date and therefore move to the next step. This may feel like a bad thing, but can it be a blessing in disguise? Through acting out each rule the audience learns how not to get laid (HTNGL) [and presumably, how to get laid – HTGL – by NOT acting out each rule, right? LMC].

I could relate to having heard the lines used by the male actor, Matt D. and the actress, Aadila Dosani. The cast made effective use of simple costumes that work well with the play. I liked how the actress used a scarf tied in different ways and sometimes even as a headband to show her at different ages and stages of her life. Another thing that impressed me is that the Calgary Sexual Health Centre has jumped on board to support this play. This organization educates and endorses healthy sexuality within the community, so if you do decide to get laid despite all the good advice here, at least you’ll know how to do it safely ;).

Now if you really DO want to get laid (and who doesn’t?) or possibly even get naked, read on…

Power/Play (choose your own adventure) (DaDe Art and Design Lab)

Power/play  (choose your own adventure) is a one-person play created and performed by Massachusetts’ Cameryn Moore (Little Black Book Productions) and directed by Elizabeth Dupre, and is a follow-up to Cameryn’s previous Fringe hits Phone Whore, and slut (r)evolution. If you’re into sex you’ll love it. If you’re shy about sex, well, you probably won’t be considering going in the first place.  Cameryn, however, does a great job keeping the audience wondering what will come next. She includes the audience in the “choose your own adventure” part of the show by asking them questions such as “public or private?”, and … well … some others that are sure to surprise you. Don’t be afraid to answer, even if you have to whisper it into her ear.

Cameryn is full of confidence and humour that may shock you and will certainly make you laugh more than once during the hour-long show. If, like me, the topic of sex makes you uncomfortable, you’ll walk away feeling more confident after seeing this show. Cameryn is very confident in herself and she shares this with the audience. She reminds me that I may not be society’s typical beauty queen,  but then neither are the girls on the magazine covered with makeup, pictured with good lighting and taped where necessary for a beautiful picture. It’s all acting [and a good deal of Photoshop these days LMC]. So no matter what you are comfortable with there is a lesson that can be taken from the show Power/Play. Fair warning, there may be nudity involved, but that’s completely up to you…

To get laid or not get laid? Hmmm…. These are very different shows, so if you’re inclined to like one, you may not be inclined to like the other. Ormaybe if you see both you can decide for yourself. All this for a small cost of a ticket and aFringe button. How can you go wrong? Both shows are rated Age 18+ and only have one more performance after tonight. Neither of them are musicals. 

Laurie Strashok has recently discovered live theatre and decided she likes it better than movies.

The Calgary Fringe Festival runs from August 3 to August 11 (that would be Saturday!). Tickets are $10-$15 per show plus your $5 Fringe button and most shows are about an hour long. For schedules and online tickets (well worth it for popular shows), go to Calgary Fringe Festival – including other shows with sexual themes, and plenty more without.  If you want to find people to go with, check out the Calgary Musicals+ Meetup Group.

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