3 instances when musicians need a lawyer


For a successful music career, it is necessary to have good legal assistance. There are many ways artists are exploited. A lawyer can protect them. Here are three situations when musicians must hire a lawyer.

1. Before signing a band agreement

When you form a band, there are many issues that you must negotiate with your band members, for example, who owns the copyright to the songs, who owns the name of the band or how the royalties will be distributed, etc. A music lawyer must be hired in order to look into these details.

2. Before signing with a publisher

If you are a songwriter and have just made a deal with the publishing company then you should hire a lawyer. You need to decide with the publishing company how much money you are going to receive when your songs will be played on shows or TV. There are other complicated issues related to publishing of music for which you must get the help of a lawyer.

3. Before signing with a manager

You should never sign a deal with your manager before getting the contract reviewed by a lawyer. These agreements are very serious and it may affect your financial position. You should be very cautious so that you don’t get exploited.

The music industry is very complex. A single clause of a contract can change an artist’s career. So, when signing different contracts you should have a lawyer beside you who will take care of all your rights.

*Special thanks to Khorozian Law Group, LLC.

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