4 ways to avoid assault charges


Assault occurs when a person uses force intentionally to control another person without the consent of the other person. Assault can take place in a number of forms, for example, touching someone, pushing them, harming them, etc. Even a threat can be an assault. Here are some ways to avoid assault charges.

1. Lack of Intent

You should try to prove that the incident was an accident and not intentional. For example, you pushed the person because a fight broke in a concert and you were trying to get out of the place quickly when you accidentally fell over the person. You need to provide a detailed account of the event.

2. Self-Defense

If you hit a person and the person has filed a case of assault against you, then you should try to prove that you did so for self-defense. For example, you were sitting on a bar and a drunken person approaches you. He tries to touch you and in order to fight back you hit him. You need to prove that you were not the one to start the fight and you tried to resolve the issue first but failed.

3. Mutual Consent

If you started a fight with another person and that person accuses you of assault then you can try to prove that the fight took place on mutual consent. That is, you both agreed to start a fight in order to resolve your problems.

4. For Defending Property

In a situation when a burglar gets injured when trying to steal something from your property, you can attack the burglar for defending your property. So, if an assault charge is placed by the burglar, it will be dismissed in such case.

You should hire a lawyer whenever you are charged with assault. You need to discuss these methods of getting away from the charges made against you.

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