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Lynn Marie Calder

I am a Calgary-based composer, lyricist, playwright, pianist and singer specializing in musical theatre, and I currently run the Calgary Musicals+ MeetUp Group and the Calgary Musicals Facebook Site.

I started this blog when I discovered how difficult it is to find out what shows are coming to town or playing at any one time, other than the big ones. I thought there would be others who would appreciate a blog about musical theatre in Calgary, and who might go to more shows and broaden their horizons a bit if someone else were willing to do the research. I have limited direct involvement with any Calgary theatre companies and am not paid to promote any shows or any of the links I include on my site, nor do I accept advertising (at least at this point).  I do, however,  accept (and welcome!) complimentary tickets for shows I write about.

Like you, I’ve loved musicals all my life (significantly influenced by my mother and the Wonderful World of Disney, I suspect). I am a classically trained pianist (Royal Conservatory of Music) and French Horn player, and performed on stage (just the chorus, alas) and in the orchestra for several musicals when I was in university, but practical person that I was (or perhaps it was my 118th place finish in that Bach piano competition in Grade 11,  who’s to say?), I chose to study geology instead of music, so have generally had a “regular job” with enough travel to keep me from being involved in musicals other than as a spectator. I recently retired from said job, so am looking to devote the next chapter of my life to more actively pursuing my passion for musical theatre.

I’m a late-bloomer in terms of writing (I think the correct term would be “mature, emerging etc.”), as I only started in my forties. I produced, directed and performed in my first show (Eve: The True Story) at the Calgary Fringe Festival in 2008 at the age of 48 (easy math, for those that care).

I am currently working on a musical comedy which I hope to take to a Fringe Festival in 2016. The working title is Sacked! (the musical) and it’s the story of 3 people who find themselves jobless in the current downturn in the Calgary oil patch and the funny and not-so-funny things they do in order to cope. Is there life after OilCo? I can’t wait to find out.

For a sample of my songs see Lynn’s songs

6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Wendy Batchelder on said:

    We have alot of costumes that we would like to get rid of and were wondering if you knew if the theatre groups in Calgary would like to buy them?

    • Lynn Marie Calder on said:

      Your best bet is to contact calgary acts for community theatre (they have a classified service for members), or place an ad in the classifieds on the Theatre Alberta website. Good luck.

  2. Hello Lynn,
    I am the artistic director of The Painted Fish Theatre Company. We are doing “The Sound of Music”, February 27- March 8, 2014 at the Cardel Theatre in SE Calgary. How can I get my information to you to post our details? I’d like to let your group know about our show. I can be reached at Our website is www. if you would like to check us out. We are a member of Calgary Acts. Cheers,

    • Lynn Marie Calder on said:

      Thanks, Marian – I think you just gave me everything I need. I also rund the Calgary Musicals Meetup group so I’ll add that to our agenda. Regards and thanks for coming to my blog, Lynn

  3. Susan West on said:

    Hi Lynn, Nice to hear about you from our son, Peter, who just told us that he heard you and another geologist at StFX speak about NS’s off-shore drilling projects. Bud and I retired from real estate last fall and will be traveling to Antigonish in April. I’m sorry we missed seeing you perform in your first show, Eve… However, we may now have the time to see Amy and the Magic Tulip!
    Hope to see you soon,
    Susan West
    Pincher Creek

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