3 instances when musicians need a lawyer


For a successful music career, it is necessary to have good legal assistance. There are many ways artists are exploited. A lawyer can protect them. Here are three situations when musicians must hire a lawyer.

1. Before signing a band agreement

When you form a band, there are many issues that you must negotiate with your band members, for example, who owns the copyright to the songs, who owns the name of the band or how the royalties will be distributed, etc. A music lawyer must be hired in order to look into these details.

2. Before signing with a publisher

If you are a songwriter and have just made a deal with the publishing company then you should hire a lawyer. You need to decide with the publishing company how much money you are going to receive when your songs will be played on shows or TV. There are other complicated issues related to publishing of music for which you must get the help of a lawyer.

3. Before signing with a manager

You should never sign a deal with your manager before getting the contract reviewed by a lawyer. These agreements are very serious and it may affect your financial position. You should be very cautious so that you don’t get exploited.

The music industry is very complex. A single clause of a contract can change an artist’s career. So, when signing different contracts you should have a lawyer beside you who will take care of all your rights.

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The 5 best iPhone apps for Lawyers


Lawyers have now started using iPhone as their work device or personal cell. There are different apps that they can use for their works. Here are the top 5 iPhone apps for lawyers.

Billing Timer

Billing Timer

You can track your consultation hours with this app. When you start a task, just click the start button and the timer will start working. You can keep multiple time sheets open. You can write description of task, comments, etc. on the app. If you don’t want the timer to be on the whole day, then you can simply enter the number of hours worked after each session on the timer. You can then email the information or upload in on Google doc. The app costs $4.99, and we know one Houston DWI Lawyer who really enjoys it.

Civ Pro Rules


Using this app you can search for a particular federal rule using the title, rule or the phrase. The relevant sections can be emailed to you. The app costs $2.99. Shana Stein uses this one every time she has to take a case to trial.

The Dictionary

The Dictionary

This is the first book used by most students when they start their law school. Experienced lawyers often need to refer back to it, so it’s a nice thing to have at your fingertips. The price of this app is $49.00.



We’d like to thank The Law Office of Daniel Lazarine for turning us on to this one. Using this app lawyers can sign anywhere or get anyone’s signature. It is very helpful when you are out of town or spending time with your family. You just need to upload the PDF or Word document from email, camera or Dropbox, sign it with your finger and email the signed document or save it in the SignNow account. With this app you can sign any document, including contracts, real estate deals, etc. You can also fill up PDF forms, or get the client’s signatures online. This functional app is absolutely free!

ScanBizCards HD Lite

ScanBizCards HD Lite

Business cards are very important for networking. If you are a lawyer then you need to meet many people every day. If they can’t find you on Facebook or Twitter, then you should give them a business card. It’s not possible to carry all the business cards with you. This app will let you keep the business cards in your pocket without wasting space. You can use your iPhone’s camera and scan the cards. This app will save the cards in your mobile. You can send a quick email to your new contact. It provides real-time backup to a cloud also. The HD Lite version of this app is free (this is the same one that was used on the Virginia concealed carry online website).

Life is so much easier because of these apps. Location and space isn’t a problem anymore to store data. If you are a lawyer, then you will definitely enjoy using these apps in your daily life.

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4 ways to avoid assault charges


Assault occurs when a person uses force intentionally to control another person without the consent of the other person. Assault can take place in a number of forms, for example, touching someone, pushing them, harming them, etc. Even a threat can be an assault. Here are some ways to avoid assault charges.

1. Lack of Intent

You should try to prove that the incident was an accident and not intentional. For example, you pushed the person because a fight broke in a concert and you were trying to get out of the place quickly when you accidentally fell over the person. You need to provide a detailed account of the event.

2. Self-Defense

If you hit a person and the person has filed a case of assault against you, then you should try to prove that you did so for self-defense. For example, you were sitting on a bar and a drunken person approaches you. He tries to touch you and in order to fight back you hit him. You need to prove that you were not the one to start the fight and you tried to resolve the issue first but failed.

3. Mutual Consent

If you started a fight with another person and that person accuses you of assault then you can try to prove that the fight took place on mutual consent. That is, you both agreed to start a fight in order to resolve your problems.

4. For Defending Property

In a situation when a burglar gets injured when trying to steal something from your property, you can attack the burglar for defending your property. So, if an assault charge is placed by the burglar, it will be dismissed in such case.

You should hire a lawyer whenever you are charged with assault. You need to discuss these methods of getting away from the charges made against you.