Legal Services

Musicians, recording services and other entities of the music industry are constantly interacting with each other and signing deals. The demand for legal services of this industry is huge. We, at Calgary Musicals, provide a number of different legal services to people who are part of the music industry in Calgary.

Live Events & Touring

Live Events & Touring

We have worked on large projects related to live events and touring. We provide legal service related to ticket sales, broadcast, sponsorship, infrastructure and clearances, contracts and insurances, etc. We help the artists make contract with the production companies and help in negotiating agreements. We deal with budgets, venue agreements, etc.

Artists and Private Client

Artists and Private Client

We can take care of all the business and legal requirements of an artist. We provide legal framework for making maximum revenues. We also help our clients in strategic decision making regarding their careers. We deal with endorsement deals, recording agreements, merchandising, management agreements, publishing agreements, confidentiality agreements, etc.



We advice composers on publishing contracts. We also provide protection and exploitation of copyright, etc.We provide advice related to the distribution of publishing revenues. We deal with publishing rights and translation rights.



Different arrangements can be made to the distribution of the artist’s recordings. We provide legal services related to the production process. We also give advice on digital distribution, catalogs and licensing.

Brands and Sponsorship


We provide advice on licensing content, sponsorship agreements; and talent partnership agreements. We have many years of experience in these areas.

The services we provide help to protect the musicians and others in the music industry from exploitation. We can help resolve disputes also.